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To: Women experiencing frustrating symptoms who want to get their edge back

From: Dr. Anna Cabeca, Women’s Health Expert

Whether you’re a woman in your late childbearing years, or a woman in the midst of the “change of life,” you should feel vital and energetic, optimistic and healthy. You should feel able to handle whatever life sends your way, both physically and emotionally.

We all get sick from time to time and experience occasional down periods. But if you’re not generally feeling healthy and good about yourself most of the time, then something is WRONG.

Staying fit and healthy in today’s fast-paced, stressful and toxic world is a DIFFICULT task. There are so many things you must actively do to maintain a lean physique, replenish your energy, keep a positive mental attitude, and avoid toxins, to name just a few. You can’t take it for granted anymore that you’ll continue to feel like you did when you were younger. It’s no wonder so many of us are looking a little ragged around the edges—or worse, are actually SICK.

Just thinking about the changes you might have to make to lose those extra pounds that have slowly crept on year after year, regain your strength and vigor, flush toxins from your body, and maintain a positive mental attitude…. Well, it can make your head spin. It’s the resistance to and fear of change that make most people stop before they ever begin. It’s not convenient to make lifestyle changes.

But I want to be really clear about this. If you’re not actively seeking out solutions and willing to commit to keeping your health and staying youthful, then you’re on the road to illness.

That might seem harsh, but it’s true. No one is going to do this for you. It’s up to you to say “YES! I want my life to be as vibrant, zesty and enjoyable as possible for many, many years to come! I want to be living younger longer!”

Who am I to Tell You This?


My name is Anna Cabeca and I’m an OBGYM and women’s health expert. I had a highly successful clinical practice in Georgia for some 13 years, retiring in 2013 to focus on lecturing nationally and internationally and on educating through programs such as this Women’s Restorative Health Bootcamp, as well as my SexualCPR and Magic Menopause programs.

After years of study, clinical practice and personal experience, I now understand the constellation of factors contributing to the declining health of these women. I’m going to share them with you in just a bit, but first, let me tell you more about how I came to get here.

My Personal Tragedies and Health Struggle


After the death of my mother during an operation 14 years ago, I started studying inflammation, hormone imbalance, endocrinology and how to combine conventional medicine with functional medicine.

It was my goal to try to prevent in my patients the things that led up to my mother’s death by getting to the underlying causes. This was the motivation for years of intense study in a diverse range of medical specialties so I could understand the complex interconnections between all these different areas of the body.

Then, following another personal tragedy 7 years ago, I remember feeling like I didn’t want to get out of bed. I would cry all the time and I felt hopelessness. I was utterly heartbroken and couldn’t do much to help myself out of a dark pit of sadness for what seemed like a very, very long time.

Immediately, everything went haywire with my health. I went into instant menopause at age 39 with chronic pain, depression, weight gain, and the list goes on. From the experts in my field and other related fields, I was told over and over again things such as:

You need to be on antidepressant

You will no longer to be able to have children

You cannot reverse the effects of early menopause

You need to be on sleeping pills to get a good night sleep

You are just going to have to live with some of your complaints

You are not on a strict enough diet to lose weight

You need to exercise more

And I can’t even remember the rest…

Talk about frustrating!

Who wants to be told that there’s nothing you can do other than take pharmaceutical drugs (with their own side effects) and “you’ll just have to live with it?” Not me! I saw what a constellation of meds did to my mother and I wanted none of it.

How I Pulled Myself Out of the Abyss


Here’s me with my daughter Ava in a heavier time. I never intended to share this picture!

I knew I had to provide a good example to my daughters who were struggling too. Something needed to be done because I wasn’t just going to lay down and give up. So I decided to radically change my life. I took a year off and traveled around the world with my children and husband. I sought out the wisest and most experienced healers. I asked them questions and listened to their advice. I wrote it all down and began to put the puzzle pieces together in a way I never had before. Oh, there are so many stories to share!

I took what I had learned and began to take steps toward healing. The changes didn’t happen overnight, but gradually, day by day, my body responded and I conceived a healthy child at age 41. (Remember, that’s after being told I was irreversibly infertile.)

I am 5’ 8’’ and now maintain 145-150 pounds (I once weighed 240, so I’ve been there). I have four daughters, a medical practice, a foundation in honor of my son, and I lecture regularly around the country and world training physicians. And still I manage to stay healthy and at my ideal weight (or close to it, depending on my stress levels) without doing anything extreme, following a crazy diet, or exercising every day.

How do I do it?

And here’s me with an older Ava after I’d lost most of the weight.

By following the 7 keys to optimal health in my Women’s Restorative Health Program, my head-to-toe approach that is the culmination of all of my years of medical practice, study, research, travel and personal experience. I wrote a book on it and I use it daily in my private practice in Georgia.

The 7 keys are detoxification, healthy mental atmosphere, healthy digestion, hormone balance, individualized nutrition & fitness, living sensually, and controlling inflammation.

And now, because I want as many women as possible all across the world to experience the life-transforming benefits of this program as well, I’m offering the virtual version so you can participate from anywhere.

It is so much more effective to work together as a team to learn these key strategies, apply them, have your questions answered and be accountable. It is a time and money saving investment that pays dividends in good health, better energy, a fitter figure, and a zestier life.

I’m so excited to be offering this brand new 7-part course: “Women’s Restorative Health Boot Camp.”

New 7-part Online Program


If you’re ready to learn the SECRETS to achieving optimal health so you can rediscover your vibrant, energetic and sexy self, then do NOT miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable women’s health physicians in the country!

“Off the Couch & Living Again!”

“It’s hard to explain how much change has happened in my life over the past 2 1/2 years. In 2004/2005, I found out I had breast cancer; things went downhill from there. First came my lumpectomy and then six months of chemo and radiation treatment, afterwards, I was informed I was now one of the “breast cancer survivors”. On the contrary, I felt much like life was over. I had absolutely no energy and my stress level was at a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10). After another six months had passed, I started hemorrhaging and had to have a hysterectomy. Another year passed me by; I began to wonder if life would ever get better. The oncologist kept telling me that I would recover and my energy would return; after about three years, I stopped keeping my appointments with him as I had given up. With no energy and not able to exercise, I gained a tremendous amount of weight. Being so overweight, having knees that were killing me, and a body that ached just from standing up, I could barely manage the normal day to day activities of cooking and house cleaning. Cleaning the house had to be done in small ten minute chores…clean for 10 minutes and rest for 10-15 minutes. I would also like to mention that I was having panic attacks frequently (like every few days); these panic attacks were actually what prompted me make my first appointment with you.

I have now been coming to see you for 2 1/2 years–January 27th, 2011 was my first appointment. Some of the results of my first lab tests showed that my body was consumed with yeast, I had a severe bacterial infection in my gut, my blood sugar was up, my cholesterol was high, there was practically no vitamin D in my body, and my potassium level was extremely high. Impressive, huh? Basically if the level was supposed to be low, it was high; if the level was supposed to be high, it was low. In short, I was a train wreck just waiting to derail.

My knees quit hurting just days after you started me on vitamins and the Candida diet (gluten free and sugar free). So far I have lost a little over 100 pounds; I intend to attain my goal weight which is only 40 – 45 pounds away. My blood sugar and vitamin D levels are normal; my cholesterol levels are close to where they need to be. As I look back now it is amazing that what I was eating was actually poisoning me.

I started back walking about 8-9 months ago. At first I’d walk ½ mile and gradually built up to 2 miles a day. This past Christmas (2011) my husband bought me a bike–Yep, A BICYCLE! My first ride was about 8 miles and on mainly flat terrain–my average speed was 9.75 mph. This past Sunday I completed a 43 mile ride with a 16.1 mph average–and yes, there were lots of hills. I’m not a Lance Armstrong by any means, but I am working towards my first century (100 mile) ride soon. Also, you should know that on March 23, 2012, I managed to hike the Chimney Tops outside of Gatlinburg, TN. Then on June 23, 2012, my husband bought me a backpack and sleeping bag. My first real hike (with a backpack!): June 24th, 2012 — close to Dahlonega, GA–we hiked Blood Mountain which is a section of the Appalachian Trail. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to hike from GA to Maine in a few years.

I would like for you to know, I am so glad to be “off the couch” & living again. Two small words: (but I mean them from the bottom of my heart) THANK YOU!!!
From my husband: “Thanks for giving me my wife back…” (He says with a twinkle in his eye!)”

– M. A. Smith


“Feeling “off” despite trying to do things right…”

“After several years of dealing with feeling “off” I decided to seek Dr. Cabeca’s advice. It was the testimonies (& results!) of other patients who I knew which lead me in making that final decision to see if her program would work for me. It seemed as the older I got the harder it became to have energy, lose those last stubborn 5-10 lbs or even see results from exercising even though I did 3-4 times a week. To add to my confusion, I did not eat junk food and yet I still felt terrible, I had daily inner ear fullness which required allergy meds, strange tingling in my toes, had an under-active thyroid which required Synthroid daily, bowel issues which did not clear up AND I felt down mentally because of not understanding what was happening to my body! Confused, hopeless, and feeling somewhat like a hypochondriac because of the many aches and random pains that popped up I wondered if they could even be resolved though I was still in my late thirties OR was it just a part of growing older???

After my first visit with Dr. Cabeca I started the detoxification program the very next day! AND my husband did the program with me as well! I was in it 100% and was determined to follow the MED (Modified Elimination Diet) from A to Z! I literally began to notice a difference day 1 and by day 4 things were significantly different which kept me motivated. As the weight came off and pains went away and energy level increased I was excited…yet the hardest part was the learning curve with this new way of thinking. It was mentally exhausting at times reading labels to make sure things did not include gluten, dairy, soy and other no-no’s while my body healed. Yet I was in it 100% and felt SO much better I made up my mind to push through the breaking point of learning okay foods versus not okay foods. For me it was totally worth it, and I did not cave. After extensive blood work and the help of some supplements & vitamins, I have tons of energy with no caffeine (Wow!), lost 9 lbs, have no need for allergy meds or Synthroid as the foods I eat have “fixed” my thyroid. I have normal daily bowels, exercise more and longer because of increased energy level, AND mentally positive because of the results! My husband has lost almost 30 lbs and noticed his regular aches & pains before this program have subsided. I will add here that having another person go through this program with me was extremely helpful and kept me accountable…and another set of eyes to read labels didn’t hurt either! 🙂

Not only do we both feel better but we are also more educated on nutrition. We are very grateful for Dr. Cabeca and her team for their assistance as we continue to strive for optimal health!”

– Finally Feeling “on”


“Thank You (Follow Up)”

“On September 22, last year I wrote that letter (below) at the end of my first visit out of profound gratitude for Dr. Anna Cabeca It is coming up on a year and about the only thing that isn’t different in my life is that I still have a profound gratitude for Dr. Cabeca, only in spades now. Physically, I am healthier that I have ever been. I have been through the initial detox process and then a routine detox experience during lent. I plan to detox twice a year during Lent and Advent. I have lost +/- 30 pounds and thrown away my fat clothes forever. When I went to buy new clothes because the others just wouldn’t stay one any longer, I thought I might have gotten down to an 8. The clerk looked at me and said, I’ll bring you a 6. I knew that wasn’t going to work. Alas, it did, it does and I can vouch for the saying “nothing tastes as good a thin feels!”.

I have more energy, and I was able to come off antidepressants (slowly over time) a few months ago. Keeping the weight off seems almost effortless. I have danced with gluten a few times only for my body to remind me why it really doesn’t want it. One of the best changes is that I can now listen to what my body wants and needs to eat. It will tell me what I am hungry for and that is different than the consummate sugar cravings of long ago. I have owned horses for the last 20 years or so, but I have not seriously ridden in the last 10. I am pleased to say a few months ago I picked up my saddle and instead of just working with the horses (I am an Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist) I claimed a horse that had been given to me years ago and he has been waiting on me to pick up the reigns. Dylan and I ride three days a week now. Dylan is young and impressive but has never seen the show ring. For his since of self and maybe just a little to “prove I still can”, we are going to compete a little in 2013 (Dressage for sure and may a little eventing). It is just wonderful to be back in the saddle again. I had no idea I had seat bones, but -30 pounds will give you back all kinds of body parts.

Maybe a bigger change for me is in my attitude and perception about my role in the world altogether. Dr. Cabeca’s Restorative Health Boot Camp addressed the need to completely detox your life, not just your pantry. I had a lot of detoxing to do. I was sustaining toxic relationships in business and holding onto things it was past time to let go of in my personal life. It has taken me some time to find which ones are to go and which ones deserve more time and attention, but I am quite pleased with the changes. Over time, as the pounds were melting, whatever I was covering up with the layer of fat was coming to the surface. The difference this time is that I had a new found since of clarity that would allow me to deal with it, and deal with it I have.

Since taking up the Dr. Cabeca lifestyle of Restorative Health, my mental and emotional clarity has been amazing. I am loving my work more than ever, and thrilled to be a part of a creative process engaged in making the world a better place with healthy people who are sharing the road on this journey with me. Most profoundly, I am not afraid. Not afraid to get sick or “lose” something or someone anymore. My relationship with my husband is better than ever, but honestly, we are still working on it. What I realized was that I had my life so crowded with things that drug me down, there wasn’t anything left for my husband and/or our relationship together. We are still shedding belongings and reorganizing relationships, cutting expenses and putting our priorities in line, but by the time I hit the 1 year mark a little more than a month from now for sure our lives will be in much better shape than they have ever been.

Dr. Cabeca, I cannot thank you enough. You have truly healed me. I have not felt like I was free from cancer since December 7, 1990, the day of my first diagnosis. Today, I claim my health and I no longer look for or wait on it to come back. No one would ever believe I had ever been that sick. I work hard at not looking too far ahead, but I’m planning my 50th Birthday. It will be somewhere warm and it’s looking like I will be implementing a very creative project for a children’s home in Honduras when I pass the half way mark. I try to make the world better because I am in. If not for you, I would not be in it long enough to make a difference.

Many thanks and God’s Peace,

Dr. Carlene H. Taylor, LPC, CPCS, NCC
Clinical Director

LightHorse Healthcare, Inc.

(Original Letter)
I can’t tell you how relieved I felt when I left your office today. I don’t know that I have ever felt anyone had such a complete awareness of my collection of past and present illnesses and symptoms. You got it, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone that really sees and treats the whole person.

20 years ago, when I developed Hodgkins Disease, I was young and scared and knew I had not lived. The complicated history since then has been punctuated by some of the best medical minds at least in the Southeast, if not the county. I have been very fortunate to have great doctors to treat what ailed me. I have survived because I was willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to get the best doctor possible and willing to take personal responsibility for what psychological, spiritual and physical healing was within my control in partnership with my doctor. You were right, however, I still live waiting on the other shoe to drop. Grateful that I have had as long as I have to live as healthy as I have been, but living nonetheless, on a roulette wheel not knowing when my number would come up and cancer would come calling yet again. The last 20 years has been a race. What can I get accomplished before time runs out. I have accomplished a lot in my field, in the communities I have lived in and in my life. I still haven’t really lived, relaxed into what I have and enjoyed just being alive. I think I’m afraid to feel like I have control. If I live in fear that it will come back, it won’t hurt as bad when it does. I’m tired of living in fear, running from illness. I’m ready to live into health and wholeness. I just got this sense that you know how to teach me to do that. I’m ready to learn.

I left your office today feeling like you knew what you were doing and that you knew me and what was going on in my body, mind and soul. Thank you, for taking your journey and transforming it into healing for the rest of us on this path. I’ll get started with “bootcamp” and see you in two weeks.

Many thanks,

– Carlene Taylor, LPC, CPCS, NCC


“Dr. Cabeca was the first person who gave me hope that it was possible. I was healed from my pain, and low and behold, I became pregnant with Jaxon. Thank you, Dr. Cabeca! Here’s to being fabulous in your 40s.”

“When I met Dr Cabeca I had been told by no less than 5 doctors who were specialists in gynecology that I would need a hysterectomy due to my pelvic pain and endometriosis. I’d had laparoscopies which showed endometriosis and I was told I couldn’t have children. But I wanted to have a child with my husband who is much younger than me.

The amount of time Dr. Cabeca spent with me during my office visit was so generous. I was uplifted mentally, physically and spiritually—filled with hope.

Dr. Cabeca was the first person who gave me hope that it was possible. I began working with Dr Cabeca’s integrated approach to balance hormones and decrease inflammation. Not only did I NOT need a hysterectomy, I was healed from my pain, and low and behold I became pregnant with Jaxon!

Thank you Dr Cabeca! Here’s to being fabulous in your 40’s.”

– Lauren Strother

When You Register for This Program, You’ll Receive:


SEVEN VIDEO PRESENTATIONS with ME where I will walk you through the program step-by-step. These videos are pre-recorded and available to you on our private, members-only Women’s Restorative Health Boot Camp website, 24 hours a day. Each class is 60-75 minutes long.
HANDOUTS AND WORKSHEETS for every class, to help you follow along and best retain what you learn, including self-assessment quizzes, checklists, guides, chapters from my Restorative Health Program book, links to external resources, and more. All materials will be posted on my exclusive members-only website.
MP3 RECORDINGS of all classes, so you can listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player. These classes will be so information rich that you’ll be glad to have the recordings.
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REVIEW #1: “The approach that Dr. Cabeca takes to assist her patients in achieving optimal health is like no other I have ever experienced. The boot camp gave me more tools to use in my daily life. My digestion has improved, my sleep is better, and I am maintaining a positive attitude no matter what comes my way.”

REVIEW #2: “Excellent program! I loved everything about it! As a professional educator of 23 years, I want to share my thoughts about the educational value of the program. From the initial teleclass, Dr. Cabeca’s presentation style was magnetic. She shared information in a clear and concise way. Easy steps to immediately make changes were presented in a manner which made it seem manageable.”

REVIEW #3: “I had a marvelous experience with Boot Camp! I knew some information about many of the recommended changes (nutrition, rest, exercise) prior to boot camp. I tried them at about the 80% success rate. However, I was not receiving the maximum benefit as I needed to commit to the changes 100%!

Then came boot camp – just what I needed! After the introductory call, I immediately implemented “no white, no wheat, no sweet and very little red meat” (Dr. Cabeca). I started drinking Mighty Maca daily. Within days I felt like my energy level had increased by 500%! Aches and pains were gone!

With each week I gained confidence after the knowledge building sessions and knew that continued success would follow. Even though boot camp ended some time ago, I am still following the guidelines and feeling great! Hoping Dr. Cabeca creates Boot Camp 2. I want to enroll today! Thanks for changing my health for life!”


You can see that my previous boot campers LOVED the experience and got SO MUCH out of it!

What Happens When You Reserve Your Space


  • You’ll get immediate access to the members-only Women’s Restorative Health Boot Camp website. This is where you’ll find everything you need to get started on the program.
  • You will get access to the Getting Started Audio to introduce you to the program and to get you into immediate action.
  • You’ll set your goals for the program and beyond with the Goal Setting Worksheet.
  • You’ll get my 5 Fabulous Tips to Get Your Edge Back and my Positivity Self-Assessment Questionnaire so you can start getting into the right mindframe right off the bat.
  • You’ll get my Food Diary tracking sheet so you can begin to monitor what you’re eating and drinking each day. Simple awareness is the first step to change!
  • You’ll have immediate access to the entire program so you can dive in as fast as you want. You can even jump ahead if you wish, to whatever topic you’re eager to know more about right away. However, keep in mind that the program builds on itself and that lifestyle changes take time, so it’s a good idea not to rush things. We’ll send you reminders all along the way so you know when it’s time to move forward to the next section.

Here’s just a sampling of what I cover
in DETAIL during this exclusive
Women’s Restorative Health Boot Camp:

Class #1 – Detoxification for Revitalization

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • The most common misconceptions about detoxification
  • Why detoxification is essential to restoring your health
  • What a healthy, scientifically-based detox looks like
  • The in’s and out’s of your detox
  • The “tricks of the trade” to ensure a successful detox
  • Why detoxification is so important for hormone balancing and healthy living


Class #2 – Healthy Mind for a Healthy Body

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a positive mental atmosphere
  • My top 5 tools for positive thinking, grace, and acceptance
  • Why getting a good night’s sleep is critical for a good mood, and practical strategies for getting adequate quality sleep
  • The many causes of stress (you may be surprised by some of these!)
  • How to identify your personal stressors
  • How to better cope with the stress in your life and daily tools to bring that smile out from within


Class #3 – Healthy Digestion for a Glowing Complexion with special guest expert Todd LePine, MD

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to assess your progress on your detoxification
  • “Pretty Intestines for Pretty Skin” — why looking good on the outside begins within
  • Gluten Sensitivity – what it is, how you can know if you have it, and what to do about it
  • The effects of intestinal health on your major body systems – immunity, skin, mental clarity, and detoxification
  • Tips to get off antacid-type meds and why they could be doing more harm than good
  • Smart use of probiotics


Class #4 – Nutrition and Fitness: The Two Hardest Things to Change with special guest JJ Virgin, Nutrition & Fitness Expert

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • The truth behind “you are what you eat”
  • If food is your fuel and your body is the car, this is how to become a Lamborghini!
  • You’ve got to move it to lose it – the most effective ways to exercise in LESS time (you’re going to love these!)
  • How to make your diet and exercise work for you
  • Memorable rules that are easy to follow and help you succeed


Class #5 – Hormones in Balance Good, Hormones out of Balance Bad!

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • What is Adrenal Fatigue?
  • What your adrenals glands are and what they do in the body
  • All about thyroid hormones, the symptoms of hypothyroid (low thyroid), and how to test for it
  • The role of progesterone
  • The role of testosterone
  • The Brain-Hormone Connection
  • What can you do instead of Prozac if you are depressed?
  • Natural approaches to hormone balancing
  • The importance of Vitamin D (it’s a type of hormone!)
  • What hormone tests to ask for


Class #6 – Sexual CPR

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Your hormones and their effect on libido (sexual energy)
  • Why a healthy sex life is important for your overall health
  • Where did your libido go and how you can get it back
  • Strategies for putting the zest back in your sex life
  • Ways to boost your natural “love and bonding hormone”
  • Tips to live more sensually
  • Note: Your man might want to listen to this class too!


Class #7 – Creating a Vital Atmosphere in our Environment and Inflammation—the Nemesis Behind Disease with special guest Ellie Campbell, DO

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Why 90% of diseases are caused by inflammation and hormone imbalance
  • The truth about alkalization – what alkalization is and why it is vital to optimal health
  • How to clean up your environment
  • What VOC’s are and why they are hazardous
  • Assessing your overall progress in the program
  • Looking at your victories so far
  • Keeping you committed on your path to Restorative Health


Each class consists of 45-60 minutes of teaching time, followed by approximately 15 minutes of Q&A where I answer questions that came up during the last live program.

Remember, all classes are pre-recorded and available to you day or night on our private website as streaming video. They are also available to you in MP3 format for you to download and listen to at your convenience.

The private website is where you will access the quizzes, handouts, resources and other supporting materials for the course.

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Carrie Pierce is a writer, public speaker, aesthetician and menopause specialist.


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JJ Virgin is a nutrition and fitness expert who works with everyone from celebrities to stay-at-home moms. She is the author of “Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy” and the co-star of the TLC reality series, Freaky Eaters.


Bonus #6

“YOU’RE NOT CRAZY, YOU’RE JUST HORMONAL!” – Value $397. Integrative and Functional Medicine approaches to Hormone Balancing” Private Couch Talk with Dr. Cabeca and Dr. Ellie Campbell.

In this virtual small, intimate setting, you will be able to ask questions about your personal symptoms and challenges that you are experiencing. We will target all your hormonal questions here.


Bonus #7

“REVIVING YOUR SENSUALITY: THE OXYTOCIN CONNECTION” MP3 recording with Michelle Maniaci and Anna Cabeca – Value $19.95
Oxytocin is our “love and bonding hormone.” Michelle and Anna will share the secrets to re-igniting your sensual self and stimulating your natural love hormone oxytocin, so you can experience life-affirming joy and positivity that comes with a healthy sex life.


Bonus #8

EXCLUSIVE MP3 INTERVIEW with Dr. John Crisler of “All Things Male” – Value $19.95. This interview is for the man in your life on the topic of from men’s health and hormone balance (yes, men need to balance their hormones too so they can keep up with you!).

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So How Much Is This Going to Cost?


Honestly, my business coach and mentor recommended that I charge $1997 for this program…

But I couldn’t stomach that because I want you to have access to this information if you need it, no matter what your financial situation (and who these days has a couple of thousand bucks lying around?).

I’m excited to tell you I originally priced the program at only $997, but right now, I’m making it available to you for a special low price of just $497. I’m also offering an easy 2-pay option if you’d prefer to pay in 2 installments. The 2-pay option is just $257, billed 30 days apart.

Remember, for this low price, you get 7 webinars with me (and fantastic guest experts); all of the handouts, resources and supporting materials you need to be successful; AND all of the great bonuses you can see here totaling more than $135 in value.

I hope you see the immediate value of this program. But if you’re at all concerned about the cost, think about this:

The rate to spend an hour with me is $600. That’s $600 to get me for 60 minutes, fitting as much as I can squeeze into that one hour. In the boot camp, you get over 7 hours of in-depth lecture time, plus over 2 hours of live Q&A time (probably more). That’s more than 9 hours total.

When you do the math, that’s just $55 per hour. That’s a $545 per hour discount to get equally valuable access to me. If you multiply by the length of the course, you’re saving $4905 to get the identical number of hours with me! Think about that…. Over 9 hours of my expertise at a TINY FRACTION of the price you would normally pay!

In addition to the enormous savings, here’s the way I look at it that I think makes this an easy decision:

What is it costing you to NOT lose that fat around your belly? What is it costing you NOT have adequate energy to get what you need to get done each day (or even just play with your kids), to NOT feel good about yourself, to NOT be focused and able to think clearly?

If you think about this, you’ll realize that it’s costing you FAR MORE not to take action.

Another way to think about it is: What is the cost of just prescription medication or 1 cosmetic medical procedure? A LOT more than $497, I can guarantee you that! If you can avoid even just 1 medication or 1 expensive cosmetic surgery or treatment, then you will have MORE than saved the cost of this program.

I just want you to honestly think about the consequences of NOT taking action now. Remember, your symptoms mean that your body is out of balance. If you are fat around the middle, it’s not just a cosmetic issue. That belly fat is metabolically active and actually produces hormones that can increase your risk for disease. So this is serious business. If you are tired, fat, and feeling poorly, then your body is telling you something important and you need to LISTEN. You need to take action now so that you can not only look and feel better, but so you can live a long, healthy, and active live.

What are you waiting for? NOW is the time to finally put yourself first and take care of YOU!

Plus you are protected by my 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that you are going to immediately understand the value of this program to your health and that if you follow my program and do the steps, you will restore your energy, vitality and zest for life!

To back that up, I’ll give you 30 days to listen to the webinars so you can decide if it’s for you. If you decide it is not for you…let us know and we will refund 100% of your payment. No reasons asked.


YES, Anna, I’m ready to achieve optimal health and live younger longer with your foundational course on women’s health!

I understand that for just $997 $497, I’ll receive the following:

SEVEN VIDEO PRESENTATIONS personally taught by Anna where she will walk me through the program in-depth, step-by-step.

GREAT DISCOUNTS and special offers for boot camp members ONLY.

Plus, I am covered under Dr. Anna’s 30 – day money-back guarantee.

One Low Payment of $497 (best deal)

You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.


To Your Health,

Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG

P.S. Remember, you can never go wrong investing in your health and wellbeing. It’s the best gift you can give to yourself and your family.

“Dr. Cabeca’s approach to women’s health is an approach I trust and believe in. She has my health and best interests at heart, plus she stays abreast of all the latest developments in anti-aging and wellness.”

“Without a doubt, Dr. Cabeca’s advice and care have changed my life. Getting a bit slack in following her routine, I was feeling tired, run down, not sleeping, had lost weight, just not myself. Now, back on the wagon In the last six months, I have regained my vigor, stamina and joy for living.

Dr. Cabeca’s conservative, proactive approach to women’s health is an approach I trust and believe in. She has my health and best interests at heart, plus she stays abreast of all the latest developments in anti-aging and wellness. That’s really important to me, having recently entered my sixth decade!

– Patty Duke


“After Dr. Cabeca’s treatments, I feel like a different person. I really appreciate the staff at Cabeca Health and their desire to find the root causes of my symptoms.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Cabeca since November of 2009 and first came to her with symptoms of extreme anxiety, depression, fatigue, weight loss resistance, and acne.

I used to have debilitating panic attacks, but now my anxiety is very mild. I experienced severe stomach pain, and what we discovered was reflux.

After Dr. Cabeca’s treatments, I feel like a different person. I used to take naps every afternoon, just to feel as though I could continue to function. Now I find it difficult to sleep at times because of all of my energy! I have also lost a total of 16 pounds, and I am no longer weight loss resistant, enabling me to reach my ideal healthy weight goal.

I really appreciate the staff at Cabeca Health and their desire to find the root causes of my symptoms.”

– Sunni Riggs


“In ten weeks, I lost 20 pounds andas evidenced by my before and after photosmy belly fat was significantly reduced. Dr. Cabeca is an amazing doctor and it’s sad to think what my life would have been like had I not met her!”

“Wondering if my growing list of symptoms could be caused by a hormonal imbalance, and acting on a friend’s recommendation, I made an appointment to see Dr. Anna Cabeca.

A few years back I experienced hot flashes and night sweats, but those had gone away after a few months.

But now, at age 55, the list of complaints and their severity were too much to ignore: chronic hip pain, plantar fasciitis, osteopania, urinary tract infections, constipation, loss of energy, forgetfulness, cravings for sweets and carbohydrates and–most distressing–weight gain, especially in my belly.

Additionally, I had suffered for many, many years with allergic-type reactions on my face (which I attributed to my make-up) and during the past 10 years I had four severe anaphylactic allergic reactions–one nearly fatal–the causes of which were undetermined.

Dr. Cabeca’s approach is to educate the patient and to address the root of the problem, not simply treat the symptoms. She recommended a detox/cleanse program, along with bio-identical hormone replacement, and vitamin and nutritional supplements. From a simple blood test, called the ALCAT, I discovered that I had intestinal candida and sensitivities to most of the food I was eating!!!

Following the detox regimen and further eliminating foods based on the ALCAT test, the results are nothing short of a miracle. Hip pain…gone! Plantar fasciitis…gone! Allergic reaction to make-up…gone! Food cravings…gone!

In ten weeks, I lost twenty pounds and—as evidenced by my before and after photos—my belly fat was significantly reduced.

No other doctor has ever suggested that I could be healed by following a nutritional diet and detoxification program. And incredibly, no doctor I have questioned since seeing Dr. Cabeca has even heard of the ALCAT, a test that has been available for twenty years! Dr. Cabeca is an amazing doctor and it’s sad to think what my life would have been like had I not met her!”

– Rachel Kelly